Sound Branding



About Sound Branding

Your company has a logo and brand name, but what does it sound like?
Sommer Production is a specialist in sound branding and produces a unique sound for your company, whether an entire melody or only a few sound elements.
Sound branding is most often used in radio and TV ads, corporate films, websites, PowerPoint presentations, product videos, presentations at trade shows, phone systems and more.
Sound branding, sound identity, sound logo, sound line – sound is versatile and adaptable and we make sure that your sound is completely yours and yours alone.


By first considering what it is you want to convey and, of course, how you plan to use the sound logo. During this phase, we examine your printed logo, target audience, website, company philosophy and other important elements that together form the background for the ultimate sound brand.
We then review all the musical possibilities and prepare a plan for the final sound.
Sommer Production has its own composer and copywriter and uses both real musical instruments and computer programming.
If sound effects are needed, we can provide a wide range of options.